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In researching and reading reviews online about weather stations, I found there to be disappointingly few articles of substance on the topics I was interested in. It seems all weather station reviews by a mainstream tech publications were limited to a few cursory paragraphs describing the obvious elements of the hardware, and lacked any real depth or critical analysis.

I’ve started this site to share my findings and thoughts about the various weather related topics I’m interested in, and hopefully encourage collaboration with other people with the same interests. A programmer by trade, I’m especially drawn to the technology and data side of personal weather stations. I hope to be able to support the free sharing of weather data by weather station users.

I hope that by providing more detailed reviews and analysis of the hardware and data aspects of personal weather stations, I can help the community and help to grow it as well.

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Author: Duncan

A technology and weather nerd located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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